Spa living in East Marbella
Published on: 31-08-2017

Many people may be forgiven for thinking that the modern phenomenon of visiting spas arrived with the advent of greater leisure time and celebrity endorsements.

This couldn’t be more wrong, however. Spas have been seen as a popular method of treating illnesses since pre-historic times, with archaeological evidence – weapons and offerings – discovered around hot springs in France and the Czech Republic, dating from the Bronze Age.

Originally a Spa was seen as a hot water therapy to cure illnesses using the mineral-rich water bubbling up from underground springs. Nowadays, many hotels include Spas in their establishments and add to this a range of treatments such as massage, facials and nail treatments. Frequently, luxury hotels will link their Spa with a gym and offer yoga, pilates and other classes.

Marbella is known as a luxury resort and of course, it leads the way in Spa offerings. There are many options, though two of the most luxurious are in East Marbella. At the five-star Vincci Estrella del Mar Hotel there are various possibilities available, including the Spa attached to the Estrella del Mar Beach Club, which leads on to one of the best beaches in Marbella. The hotel also offers houses the nAmmu Corner Spa, where guests can enjoy luxurious privacy.

Another sophisticated spa is found at the Don Carlos Resort, the ideal setting for pleasant treatments to make the most of your beauty, to feel good or simply to relax. Treat yourself to one of their star treatments, body wraps, oriental therapies or have the privilege of being able to enjoy a luxurious massage in the garden or facing the sea.

With the trend towards more ‘holistic’ therapies, Shanti-Som offers a wide range of retreats, from yoga to detox to weight-loss in the Marbella hills, promising treatments that provide physical as well as mental wellbeing, all in a beautiful natural setting.

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