Sexy Spanish
Published on: 28-06-2018

Think of sexy languages and what normally comes to mind is the passion of Italian or the seductive refinement of French, often regarded as the ultimate language of love. And yet, in a recent poll by The Lonely Planet, Spanish actually sneaked past French into first place, proving that it too can be a sexy lingo.

Though Castillano, as it is often called, has a large legion of speakers and admirers, it is sometimes considered to be a little too loud and harsh to top the ‘language of love’ tables, so to some the result of the poll might seem a little controversial. Even so, it gets us thinking about the spoken word.

Had somewhat harsher languages such as German or Russian topped the list we would certainly have been surprised, or indeed guttural ones like Dutch or Danish. With all due respect, Chinese, Japanese and Arabic speakers often sound angry rather than amorous, so the list of candidates is limited.

Along with French and Italian, one might also choose the sultry sounds of Brazilian Portuguese, while others find posh English accents a turn-on. However, Spain has a long tradition of Latin lovers and Spanish is an expressive and passionate language, so it is always on the shortlist of favourites and has now made it to the top.

One thing the poll didn’t mention, however, is the type of Spanish – i.e. the dialect – that people rated the language for. As with most languages, the actual style of speaking is a greater factor than the tongue itself, and with its wide reach Spanish appears in many forms and sounds, from Andalusian and pure Castillano to Mexican, Colombian and Argentinian accents.

While tastes differ widely, those of us who live in Andalucía tend to say that the local dialect is charming and authentic, where the Spanish of Madrid and surroundings is elegant but also a little haughtier. Perhaps, though, the respondents to the poll had the almost Italian sing-song tone of Argentinian in mind, or sultry Colombian Spanish full of passion.

Whichever is your favourite Spanish, it now ranks among the sexiest languages of all.