Málaga’s Technology Park
Published on: 30-10-2018

Those who thought Málaga was a city limited to tourism and the beautification of its elegant historic centre will be surprised to find that it is also home to a bustling technology centre where everything from apps and computer games to navigation systems and fintech are bursting forth out of technical creativity.

Officially named the Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía, the facility more popularly known as Málaga’s technology park is a large business complex situated near the airport on the northwest side of the city. Here you will not only find the operations of large global tech firms such as Oracle and Google, but also a large number of start-ups and joint ventures at all the different stages of development.

The people here work in close collaboration with the University of Málaga and the town hall, which has dedicated resources to its further development and also promotes its efficacy through special departments that not only seek to place talented Málaga students with local tech firms and incubated start-ups, but also links them to global knowledge hubs in South Korea, Taiwan and, of course, Silicon Valley in California.

Developing a knowledge-based economy in Málaga

A local centre of research and development in the fields of electronics, telecommunications and IT, the science park has grown steadily since its establishment some 20 years ago, and now houses over 600 companies of all sizes that together employ over 17,000 highly qualified people from here and abroad. Among the global names connecting Málaga to the developing smart cities of tomorrow are IBM, Accenture, Huawei, TDK, CGI and Ciklum, and together with a growing number of small, dynamic start-ups they are at the heart of a quiet high-tech revolution that is taking place not that far away from the beaches and golf courses of the Costa del Sol.

One of the most important centres of its kind on the Mediterranean littoral, Málaga’s Technology Park is an important inspiration for young professionals, showing them that there are quality job opportunities available locally in a growing range of fields that range from tourism, real estate, banking and insurance to construction, engineering, research and electronics. With its excellent airport the city is well-connected to the main centres of Europe and also in a strong position to draw talent from around the world to an area that offers among the best qualities of life to be found anywhere.