Málaga loves its pets!
Published on: 19-11-2017

For us dog lovers Andalucía is a paradise of beach walks, mountain rambles and plentiful street bins for clearing up after our four-legged friends.

However, not everyone loves our pets as much as we do, so how do you know whether you can take your dog with you when you go out for lunch or want to stop for tapas on your way back from a walk?

Málaga council has come up with an ingenious solution to this problem with the recently launched Malagauau! App. Launched on 26 October this year, it is an invaluable point of reference for dog owners. With Málaga competing as a Dog Friendly Destination in the Travelguau 2017 awards, this App highlights how dog friendly the city really is.

The App has sections for dog parks – where they are, opening times, whether it’s apt for small dogs and crucially in the heat of summer, whether there’s water available – as well as sections listing local vets, dog-friendly associations, trainers, adoption societies and a section covering a whole list of loveable dogs looking for a forever home. There is also a section that lists dog friendly restaurants, hotels that accept dog residents and dog friendly businesses.

Malagauau! is a wonderful resource for caring pet owners, which backs up Málaga’s claim to be one of the most dog friendly cities in Spain. With a recent law introduced that compels dog owners to register their animal and provide a sample for DNA testing, the city council is also ensuring responsible pet ownership. They are warning pet owners that there are no excuses for letting dogs foul pavements as they will be held responsible and fined!

With the recent signposting of more dog-friendly beaches, Marbella council is also signalling a pet-friendly outlook and we look forward to getting our very own Marbellaguau App in the future!