Málaga by bike
Published on: 30-11-2017


Over the past few years, cycling has become immensely popular throughout Europe, with the rise in popularity of the Tour de France and consequently la Vuelta de España here in Spain. It is recognised as a healthy way to get from A to B that doesn’t damage the environment and is also a wallet-friendly option for getting around.

Málaga has been a great proponent of cycling, with the city council investing in 30 kilometres of bike lanes – 7,5 kilometres in the city centre alone. Of course, Málaga is a beautiful city to see on foot, however it becomes much more accessible by bike, and locals and tourists alike are able to cover much more ground than if they were simply walking, at the same time actually being able to enjoy the local scenery, which is impossible from a car. Our office choose Málaga Bike Tours by the lovely Kay Farrell back in 2012 to enjoy the City Bike Tour. Click here for a little impression of that wonderful day. This year our office will go for the Alternative Málaga Bike Tour, again with Málaga Bike Tours ofcourse, we can’t wait!

In 2013 Málaga city hall invested in a bike rental scheme, Málaga Bici, which has proved a great success with 20 stations dotted around the city and 400 bikes available for hire. In 2014, the first year of operation, it was calculated that 17,000 people subscribed to the service, with each bike being used at least eight times a day.

With the way already paved for a cycling city, it was announced this week that Dropbyke, a Lithuanian company, was opening up for business in Málaga. Their concept is slightly different to the usual bike hire concept and follows on the heels of huge success in these types of schemes originating in China. Bikes are not attached to a station, but are geotagged to prevent them being stolen. Rental works from an app, costing just €3 per hour. Depending on which payment scheme is used, bikes either have to be taken back to close to where they were rented or can be left at a destination of choice.

This is the second location in Spain for the company after Barcelona, and there are plans in place to expand into other towns and cities across Andalucía including Fuengirola and Marbella. We are looking forward to it!