Magical star gazing in Spain
Published on: 24-02-2015

image_197129_bmp_800x600_q85Picture yourself on a dusky summer night in Andalucía, glass of wine in hand, gazing at the beautiful night sky.

The sky seems blacker and the stars seem that much brighter in Spain, probably due to the fabulous air quality and clarity that the skies above Andalucía have all year round. There is also less light pollution in Spain, making the stars brighter and crisper against the ink-black sky.

Here are some of the best spots, in our humble opinion, to experience spectacular star gazing in Spain:

  • Sierra Morena Mountains: This huge mountain range stretches across the top of the provinces of Seville and Córdoba in Andalucía. You can admire the firmament from some super spots in these mountains and hire star gazing tour guides to show you the best places to view.starlight03-1024x704
  • Sierra Sur Mountains: The Sierra Sur Mountains are in the province of Jaen in Andalucía, making another smashing star gazing spot from which to see the stars through the clearest air. The Andalucía Astronomy Observatory organises guided tours of the area to get the best out of the experience.
  • Ardales Hills: The hills above the Ardales lake district and Álora, just north of Marbella, are fantastic places to see the stars in lovely natural surroundings. The light pollution is so low here you get the best view of space in all of Andalucía.

The German School in La Mairena, near Elviria in eastern Marbella, has an observatory club with its very own observatory. It’s not every school that can boast this, and from its position atop the hills overlooking Marbella and the Mediterranean coastline, the views both across to North Africa and the snowy Sierra Nevada, and upwards to the stars are quite an experience. It is an amazing opportunity to view the stars and planets through the observatory’s huge telescope, a once in a lifetime chance for the star gazers amongst you, and you won’t even have to leave Marbella for it.

Whether you are a casual enthusiast or a professional astronomer, you needn’t travel to Chile or Australia for a star gazing trip of a lifetime. Why not make a holiday of it and take advantage of the balmy evenings along with the wonderful food and drink that Spain has to offer? Even better, just come to live here and you can enjoy the glorious, un-polluted skies every night of the year!