Get on the beaten track!
Published on: 21-02-2018

Marbella is famous as a magnet for international jetsetters, with beautiful beaches and a thrilling night-life on offer. All this is true, and with its wide range of bars, restaurants, top class hotels and cosmopolitan beach clubs, it is not hard to see how Marbella has earned this reputation for luxury.

Yet there is so much more to this part of the Costa del Sol – indeed, even many locals are unaware of the adventures to be had right on their doorstep. Moving away from the beach can be so rewarding and with a little effort, a side to this seaside resort can be revealed that is as surprising as it is gratifying. One way it to hop aboard a Buggy Tour and see what Andalucía has to offer.

In recent years, tours such as these have grown in popularity along with the growth of ‘experience’ trips, with more companies proposing an alternative for those no longer content to spend their days only lounging on a beach and yearning for excitement and adventure during their holiday.

Buggy Tours definitely provide an injection of exhilaration for holiday makers and weekenders, as well as being a great trip out for stag or hen parties. The thrill of haring around the countryside close to the floor in a buggy open to the elements certainly acts as a great bonding experience.

Even for passengers who are not adrenaline-seeking, a day out on a buggy tour makes for an experience of Andalucía that few are privileged to see. The buggies are small and agile enough to follow tracks high into the hills, over dusty riverbeds and sometimes through actual rivers offering views of mountains and the coast that are simply breath-taking. Stopping off for refreshments in a small white village is a real treat too, before taking off again for more exploration.

Change your view of Marbella with a day out away from the coast on to the beaten tracks of Andalucía!

Various companies offer these great fun tours, here are a few:

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