Dog fun on Marbella’s beaches
Published on: 24-02-2018

Up until surprisingly recently, our four-legged friends were constrained from enjoying the beaches of Marbella during the high season period of June – September, meaning that for our canine companions a  refreshing dip in the sea was out of bounds during the heat of the summer.

Fortunately, Marbella Town Hall recognised that for many of us, a dog is not just a pet but rather a member of the family, and established two ‘playas caninas’, or dog beaches, one at the El Pinillo beach east of Marbella and the other at Ventura de Mar in Nueva Andalucía.

Though these areas are set aside especially for dog owners, the normal rules of engagement in public apply. Documentation must therefore be carried, listing up to date vaccinations. Larger dogs, or those considered ‘dangerous breeds’, must wear muzzles and be under control at all times – so there’s no letting your dog run wild on the sand to disturb other dogs and owners. These are not merely advisory rules, hefty fines can be imposed should your dog be found not to be under control, ‘so enjoy the facilities but play nice’ is the message from the authorities. And yes, the beautiful and extremely well trained dog in the photo always wears a muzzle when out & about, just quickly removed it for this great picture.

The 250-metre stretches of beaches chosen were picked as they weren’t considered bathing spots, so dogs can paddle their paws in the sea without disturbing other swimmers. Common sense must be applied, of course – dog’s paws are sensitive, so it’s not a good idea to take them to the beach in the heat of summer as they could burn badly. Likewise, it is advisable to take an extra bottle of water – some dogs don’t realise sea water is salted until it’s too late! As conscientious dog owners are already aware, mess needs to be cleared up – the beach may be used by other dog lovers but that doesn’t mean they are happy to dodge ‘land mines’ left behind by irresponsible owners!

If you are the lucky dog owner, be prepared to take home a wet, sandy, but very happy pooch, he or she is sure to be very grateful!