Have you downloaded the ‘Marbella Limpia’ App yet?
Published on: 31-10-2018

Walk down the streets of most Spanish towns and you’ll pass by large, plastic containers of rubbish, some cleaner, fuller and in a better states of repair than others. Not pretty sights and they are sometimes vandalised, only to make matters worse…

We’re all familiar with the sights and smells of rubbish on the roadside, which should never have been left to fester on the streets of an otherwise beautiful place.

But the good news is that Marbella has taken action. This time in the form of a 21st century initiative that makes it easy for all citizens with smartphones – let’s face it, most people have one these days – to contact the Delegación de Limpieza (the town’s hygiene department) who will come directly to clear up any mess that is reported.

This mobile app has already attended to 1,151 reported ‘incidents’ within the first 25 days of its launch and is catching on very fast.

How it works

Simply download the app onto your Android or iOS phone.

As soon as you see anything causing dirt in the streets, from grimy roads, excrement on the pavements or parks, dumped furniture and household items in the road, or overflowing recycling bins, you can report it instantly via the app.

The hygiene department has five vehicles, complete with 20 workers wielding all the latest cleaning tools, including industrial brushes, blowers, power hoses, pressure guns, heavy-duty detergents and furniture removal devices that make cleaning up the streets easy and efficient.

Bear in mind that the clean-up service takes place Monday to Sunday from 08:00 to 22:00hrs, although the app can be used 24-hours a day, making it easy to report anything untoward, safe in the knowledge that it will be attended to just as soon as the next working day begins.

Another great initiative by our Town Hall, tried & tested, it really works!