Climbing Marbella’s La Concha
Published on: 10-04-2018

Bling, super yachts and VIP parties on the beach. This is the image most commonly portrayed about Marbella, the famous holiday resort on the southern coast of Spain. Scratch the shiny surface of the ‘What’s on?’ reports from Marbella and its neighbouring marina Puerto Banús, and underneath all the party hype and glamour there’s a whole world of different fun activities going on.

Ironically Marbella is located perfectly for visitors looking for the complete antithesis to the whirlwind social circuit. The town is only a few hours drive from some of the most historical cities in Europe, including Granada and Seville, where architecture, art and classical Spanish music are normally the order of the day.

Or if you fancy experiencing a new continent? Marbella’s surrounding coastline is a gateway to northern Africa, which can be visited easily via several ferry routes that will deliver you directly to Tangier, Nador and the Spanish enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla. If sport is your passion then the beaches and nearby countryside are full of activities and sporting facilities ranging from simple paddle boarding on the sea to some of the best golf courses in the world.

Fresh air Marbella

And up on the skyline sits La Concha – the new activity destination that many people are talking about. It’s the imposing but noble landmark that everyone’s eye is drawn too on the coast, and now so are their feet. Climbing La Concha is becoming the most popular and rewarding challenge in town, and those looking for action away from the nightclubs and chiringuitos are hiking to its peak for thrills and a real sense of achievement.

La Concha is the iconic majestic mountain situated inland from Marbella that is part of the Sierra Blanca range, situated next to the Sierra de las Nieves Natural Park. Named after the fluted sea shell it visually resembles, the mountain is normally loved from afar, but more often these days it is a climbing challenge that everyone wants to tackle.

There are several routes that can be taken to the summit and it’s always advised that a climb is researched carefully before being undertaken. The La Concha climb is not for the feint hearted as despite its modest height the well worn tracks to the top cover exposed ridges and alarming vertical drops; it is also not recommended for children under twelve years old.

Last year the La Concha climb has been popular even in the months of November and December, a circumstance probably helped by the dry pleasant weather last autumn. Tales of reaching the top are likely to inspire even the most lazy fun seeker, not just because of the sense of achievement gained, but for the heart stopping views and unique aerial perspective of Marbella.

Our Residencia Estates team did the climb back in April of 2014, together with friendly competitors Trimobilia. We highly recommend the month of April for a climb, since up the mountain the temperature drops quite a bit. We also recommend leaving as early as sunrise, this so it will not be too hot for the climb back down. And once you have made your descent and your way back to your starting point, it’s probably going to be time for a well-deserved glass of chilled wine in the El Refugio de Juanar. Meat lovers should most defintely try their assorted grilled meat or game. Lovers of fish will appreciate the sole or cod.

Reasons to climb:

  • Raise money for a charity
  • Begin a new healthy regime
  • To feel on top of the world

Strong words of advice:

  • Research your route and climb with an approved guide
  • Wear suitable and sensible clothing and footwear
  • Carry an additional item of warm clothing on hot days
  • Bring plenty of water with you
  • Make sure your mobile phone is fully charged

Incase of an emergency:

  • Call 112
  • Remain where you are until help arrives

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