The Alcazaba offers a spectacular new viewpoint of Málaga
Published on: 31-10-2017

Málaga has been experiencing a welcome renaissance over the past few years, as recent investment in the city has given us the Muello Uno port regeneration, the only Pomidou Centre outside of Paris and the new Museum of Málaga.

The old sights are still well worth revisiting however, with the Alcazaba being one such fascinating monument that is also adding to its attractions. The Moorish fort is one of two in the city – the other being the Castillo de Gibralfaro, still higher up Mount Gibralfaro – although the Alcazaba is said to be the best-preserved Moorish fortress palace in Spain.

The entrance is from the Roman Theatre, which is in itself a beautifully preserved example of its kind and particularly stunning when lit up at night.

The Alcazaba is a city within a city, with an Outer and Inner Citadel. The entrance from the Outer Citadel is constructed in such a way that invaders had to almost double back on themselves to advance, thus making attacking fiendishly difficult. That said, the pathway nowadays is a delightful walk and winds through gardens and fountains. Visitors have to pass through the Puerta de las Columnas, which reuses Roman marble columns.

Inside the Citadel, there are buildings constructed over the 11th, 13th and 14th centuries that were host to various visiting dignitaries.

As of the beginning of October 2017, there has been an even better reason to visit the Alcazaba, when a new pathway and viewpoint were inaugurated, providing even better views across the city and the Roman amphitheatre below.

This is just one of the many treasures, both cultural and architectural, which can be found on the Costa del Sol – with many more to be discovered, whether you are a local resident or visiting on holiday.

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