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Residencia Roman Remains

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This archaeological dig on the Costa del Sol, directly in front of our office, has unearthed the remains of a Roman villa. Beautifully preserved in soft soil, the villa has withstood over 20 centuries to reappear in 2016. From the materials and standard of finish encountered we know that it once belonged to a prosperous Roman citizen – perhaps a wealthy merchant or an important administrator. The Romans controlled this region from before Christ up to the 5th century. Did you know that Roman villas like this one featured under floor heating, cool shaded patios, spas and even swimming pools? Think about that when you open the door to your Marbella home and look past the hallway and the living room through to the terrace and pool to spot the sea sparkling in the distance…


Join our photo competition! You will notice this archaeological site is not fenced off but fully open to the public, so we invite you to inspect the villa for yourself and jump from pillar to pillar while you pose for photos. Just be careful not to fall! Select your most creative photo, post it and tag yourself on the archaeological dig’s own Facebook or Instagram page ResidenciaRomanRemains. Who knows, you might win a prize! For more information, go to the Facebook page and find out how stumbling upon this dig could be rewarding.


The mysterious ‘R’. Once you look closely the villa sports its very own monogram – an elegant R sitting proudly above the archway. We can’t but guess at the origins of this mysterious sign but by coincidence the real estate office is called Residencia Estates. Perhaps mysterious forces were at work here, and as it happens, Residencia Estates is also a specialist in helping people ‘uncover’ luxurious gems with under floor heating, spas and swimming pools…

Watch the video of The Making Of Residencia Roman Remains here